10 Best Practices For About Colic swaddle a baby

No one knows (for sure) what causes colic, but there are some things we do know. For instance, many cultures have never even heard of colic. It seems that colic rarely appears in cultures where parents tightly wrap their baby swaddle blankets for the first several months of life. Many experts suggest that being suddenly “out of the womb” is very shocking to babies and some are more sensitive to this shock than others. It seems that snuggly wrapping your baby gives her a feeling of warmth and security similar to that of being in the womb, thereby easing the transition into their new existence.

swaddle a baby

Another theory is that parents of fussy or colicky babies see what appears to be pain in their baby’s actions and on their faces. They assume their baby is having terrible gas pains. At the same time, many babies spit-up and pass gas frequently in the early months which seems to support this theory. However, happy babies seem to spit up and pass gas at about the same rate as fussy ones.

Whatever the cause, it has been proven that you can ease their discomfort by making them feel warm and secure with proper swaddling. Whatever the cause may be, there is one thing that is more effective than all the homeopathic remedies, drops, antacids and CDs combined: Proper swaddle a baby! When you combine swaddling with 1) a rocking or gentle jiggling motion, 2) proper positioning (face-down or face-forward on your forearm), 3) soothing noises such as a loud shhhhhh-ing and 4) the use of a pacifier … baby is “out like a light”! And now a perfect, quick and lasting swaddle is here! Try it now and you’ll be sleeping again before you know it!

swaddle a baby

One exciting piece of news you should be aware of is that a recent, multi-year study by The University of Washington has shown that swaddling definitely helps babies sleep better and actually reduces and helps to prevent SIDS. It has been shown that babies that are swaddles for babies sleep more comfortably on their backs – even babies that prefer to sleep on their stomachs. This is very important and exciting research. To read about the research, you can check out our Research page.