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Attorney John Gasidlo’s focus is Estate Planning, Probate Administration, and Will and Trust litigation. He also represents clients for real estate transactions, and in personal injury cases, he as conducted jury and non-jury trials.

John works with clients to create the best estate plan for them. He has represented many Executors and Trustees, and successfully contested Wills and Trusts, and has had Executors, Conservators, and Trustees removed.

He has appeared in front of:

11 Civil Courts in Connecticut
16 Probate Courts in Connecticut
The Connecticut Appellate Court
The Connecticut Supreme Court
U.S. District Courts in Bridgeport, New Haven, and Waterbury

Attorney John M. Gasidlo is proud of the fact that heart-felt recommendations by existing clients and professional referrals by other attorneys constitute two-thirds of his new-client representation.


John Gasidlo is a member of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association and the Connecticut Bar Association. He is admitted to the Bar in:

U.S. Federal Court
U.S. Supreme Court

Attorney Gasidlo is a barrister of the American Inns of Court, an invitation-only legal organization dedicated to the promotion of legal professionalism and ethics. Members also include U.S. Supreme Court Justices, U.S. Federal Court Judges, State Judges, and experienced ethical attorneys. The Inns of Court were founded in 13th century England.


John’s core values are based on:

Hard Work
He believes to properly represent any client, an attorney must:

Anticipate all possible weaknesses and potential areas of dispute
Understand the law
Understand the Court Rules of Evidence

Create Trusts, Wills, Contracts, and other legal documents that are immune to attack
Not every person needs the same Estate Plan. Each person’s family and financial situation is different and can change over time. Attorney Gasidlo takes the time to actively listen and develop a plan for each individual that addresses their wishes, but anticipates how changing life events might impact an Estate Plan.


John Gasidlo grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He was invited to attend, and graduated from, the Cass Technical High School.

John is a veteran, having served four years in the United States Air Force. He graduated from the University of Hawaii with a B.A. in Japanese language.

After he graduated from the Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, New Hampshire, John clerked for Judges in the Stamford Superior Court.

He began in private practice as an associate with the law firm of Yudkin and Young. John opened his own practice in Westport, CT in 1986.

John Gasidlo On Hockey NightPERSONAL

Attorney Gasidlo’s family, his law practice, and his love of hockey define him as a person. He is married to Barbara Shimei. Together they have two adult children; Michael and Elizabeth.

He plays hockey in a 30-and-Over club, and skates four times a week. Since childhood, he has been an avid Detroit Red Wings fan, in both good times and bad. He has served as President and as a Director of the Darien Winter Club for 20 years.

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