Affordable Driving Lessons in Brisbane

Affordable Driving Lessons in Brisbane

Our motto is “Better Quality, Less Quantity”, our aim is to get you above test standard as safely, quickly, and cost-effectively as possible. Our cost per Driving Lessons Brisbane reflects the quality of tuition from a Grade 6 instructor that you will receive. Only 6% of qualified driving instructors are at a level of grade 6

Many of our learners come to us having wasted a lot of time and money on “cheap driving lessons”, that ultimately end up being the most expensive driving lessons money can buy. This is due to the fact that whilst you may feel you are getting a “good deal”, in some cases the tuition is designed to be extended over a longer period.

Driving Lessons in Brisbane

With Drive Safe, you can be assured, our goal is only to get you driving safe, as soon as you are ready.

We offer the following Driving Lessons and Courses

  • Driving tuition for all levels of the pupil, Lessons tailored to suit you and we guarantee no car sharing!
  • Pass Plus
  • Motorway lessons
  • Drive confident (Refresher courses available for those who have not driven for some time or struggle)
  • Drive smart (Eco-friendly driving-reduce your fuel bills)
  • Helping learners (Short 2 hour course designed to brush up your knowledge so you can help your son or daughter pass their test)
  • Advanced driving techniques (prepare for your advanced driving test)

There are lots of different ways we can help you and I am dedicated to making sure that you are totally satisfied with the service we provide. I will not make an empty promise that is guaranteed. How many lessons will you need? I cannot tell you that yet because I have not met you. Until I see you behind the wheel and find out what your needs are it is impossible to give you any figures. The average quoted by the Driving Standards Agency for 17 to 21-year-olds is approximately 40-45 hours of tuition with a qualified instructor. But we are all individuals and learn in different ways. At driving school, I know it is me that needs to adapt my methods to suit you! not you that has to adapt to me! You will be the most important person in my car and to ensure you are happy with the vehicle and me I offer an initial 2-hours lesson so that you can make sure you are making the best choice. No strings attached just give me a call or send me an email and why not see if the car and myself are right for you. Hope to see you soon!!