Permanent Caravan Site for Sale – Rights of a Buyer and Seller

Permanent Caravan Site for Sale – Rights of a Buyer and Seller

Management running caravan parks has various responsibilities to meet with both the buyers and sellers in their park.  The park management owes both parties the following services in relation to a permanent caravan site for sale.

Permanent living caravan parks are a unique environment. Looking at onsite caravans for sale or Permanent Park homes in any location even if its Phillip Island or sunshine coast; buyers and sellers need to know their rights.

Responsibilities to the Buyer

The park management has to offer the buyer the following documents.

1)    Documents Containing Park Rules

The management should ensure buyers get proper documentation stipulating park rules. These documents guide buyers to know what is expected of them during their stay in the park. They’ll know what they’re supposed to do and follow park rules by the letter as they’ll be stipulated clearly in the documents provided to them.

2)    Proposed Site Agreement

Buyers should be given 2 copies of the proposed site agreement. Homeowners should sign and keep one of the copies to themselves and hand over the other to the park management.

Park owners should offer various details to the buyers. These details assist them in knowing more about the park and rules to be followed. They include the following among other factors depending on park management.

1)    Address and site location

2)    Full names, the business address of park owners and managers

3)    Authority details issued under a law

4)    Details regarding the use of communal facilities

5)    Responsibilities for both park owners and homeowners

6)    Details regarding dispute resolution

7)    Site termination agreements

Responsibilities to the Seller

Park management also has a responsibility to the seller. They’re not allowed to do the following things as listed below.

Restrict signage

Park management isn’t allowed to restrict homeowners from selling a permanent caravan site for sale. This is illegal punishable by law.

Restrict Inspections

Park management shouldn’t hinder homeowners from conducting inspections to prospective buyers. This isn’t allowed because the property in question belongs to homeowners and not park management and they’re free to sell if they wish.

Consent Refusal

Park management should consent to transfer of ownership of a caravan site for sale within 14days. If the consent is not made within 14days its assumed park management didn’t consent and they may face legal issues due to hindering this process.

Restrict Independent Legal Advice

When park management doesn’t allow homeowners to seek independent legal advice to assist them in the legal transfer of ownership, they can face legal action for hindering homeowners from getting independent legal advice.

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