SEO Or PPC: Pros And Cons

The usefulness of SEO or PPC has been a controversial issue since last few months.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons one by one:

SEO Pros:

Of course, when a visitor visits a page through the search engine, he is more likely to click on the ads. Because this engages plenty of website modification and making the website San Jose SEO Expert friendly, the website with good PR on organic listings(by means of SEO) usually has (debatably) a higher significance level and greater probability of conversion.

The long-term costs are lower. The only cost involved is the (other than the obvious time cost) SEO consultation fee (typically, $50,000 to $200,000 for a 25 page SEO work). If averaged out over 24 months, this would mean $3000-$4000/month(average).

SEO Cons:

SEO is time-consuming. Even the most excellent SEO in an industry would take the least amount of four to six months to get your site listed among the first three pages of Google.

Unpredictability: This is a major drawback. There is no assurance that a higher PR site would keep its place for a considerable duration. Google modifies the judgment for accumulating and presenting the search results annually and updates its index on a regular basis.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Pros:

PPC is instantaneous: The website advertisement can be up in Google or other search engine marketing within a few days.

PPC is quantifiable: The click and the consequential action can be examined for a cost-benefit analysis.

PPC Cons:

PPC Can be costly if not organized well PPC is susceptible to CLICK FRAUD (somewhat that can waste revenues promptly if the campaign is not kept thoroughly). PPC space is extremely viable and the bid costs are increasing day by day.

Depending upon the cost and benefit of San Jose SEO and PPC, the site owners can better decide which one to choose.