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The Undeniable Importance Of Legal Translation In Al Barsha

The translation of documents is a sensitive job, especially if the documents are official or legal in nature. Almost all government offices and various other businesses need to translate their documents into other languages.

Most multi-national companies need translation services into various languages when dealing with their customers and clients. Legal contracts with overseas employees, partnership and merging agreements with other companies and businesses all need different legal and official documents translated in many languages as per need.

Importance of translation

Translation services are very vital for a growing business. You need your services translated into various languages to explore and connect with new global markets. This multi-lingual strategy will be sure to win you new horizons and help your business to flourish.

Reach out to every region of the world in their own language to connect with them on a more comfortable level. This familiarity will give you an edge to get new customers and develop a bonding relationship with them.

Translation assistance for companies

We assist companies in producing multi-lingual content to advertise their products. Our trained professionals, with the expert command of their specialized languages, combined with their strong knowledge of legal documents’ intricacies, make sure that legal documents are translated in their original essence. Following the translation procedure, the proofreading services ensure that translated documents are accurate and free of any errors.

There are a number of various documents like the agreements and settlements between companies, articles of association, memorandums, wills and NOCs, etc., that are required by all the parties involved, as well as the local governments. There are many documents that need verification from various government offices and ministries and according to their locality/

They need to be translated into the official language of each country that a company deals with. Business deals usually require registration in respective chambers of commerce and other related government departments and all countries do not accept English documents, so that would also need an authentic translation.   

Companies need to get their legal contracts and agreements translated into various languages and we offer these services at competitive rates. They have to distribute their protocols and settlements translated in different languages to cater to the needs of their partner companies, businesses and employees. The internal regulations also need translation if the staff is multi-national and comes from various different regions. Similarly, the insurance policies and internal memos also need translation to make them understandable for the staff in general.

Languages we translate

Our legal translation Dubai Marina are highly recommended for their services in order to proceed with your formal documentation in various languages. Our services cover all the major languages around the globe, starting with Arabic, English, Persian, French, German, Russian, Chinese and many more.

Translation services for individuals

Our exclusive services for individuals to translate their personal legal documents, like birth and death certificates, marriage and single status certificates, school and college certificates, university degrees and diplomas, driving licenses, lease and loan documents.

Study abroad

If you are looking to study abroad in a foreign country, you might need to translate your documents into the official language of that country. Our skilled translators make sure that your documents are translated with complete accuracy. All your degrees with correct credentials and specifications are translated with great care to ensure smooth processing in that country.

Legal documents need special expertise to translate them. The original spirit of the documents and the formal tone should be preserved, along with the usage of the correct terminologies. There is no compromise on the quality and we ensure the satisfaction of our clients under all the circumstances.

We have an accredited translation team that provides the best legal translation Al Barsha. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals guarantee to deliver the best quality services with great precision and accuracy with competitive prices.

Our expertise ranges from different documents, including administrative texts, certificates, drafts, documents and formal texts and documents for judicial purposes. Our team of linguists has a vast experience in translating documents pertaining to court settings. These include expert opinions, minutes of given court proceedings, judgments, and interrogation sessions.

Being an expat in the United Arab Emirates, the ministry of labor needs all your documents attested and then duly translated into Arabic. Even if you get your employment contract in your native language or English, even then, you need to get it translated into Arabic. The local authorities would need all your personal certificates in their equivalent Arabic form; that includes your degrees, diplomas, affidavits, 

Similarly, even if you already a valid driving license, you need to get it translated into Arabic.

Best legal translation in Al Barsha

You need expert legal translation services in Al Barsha to run your business and other official tasks. The United Arab Emirates is the hub of economic activity, not only in this region but all over the world. You need to translate all the legal and the official documents into Arabic, as it is the local official language.

In case of any legal issue, you would need to translate all the related documents in Arabic. That would include the contracts, invoices, cheques, and other legal agreements signed between the two parties. All the materials should be translated into Arabic, if you want to go to a court to seek any legal assistance, in any case.

All sorts of real estate contracts, for instance selling or buying a property, also need to be translated into Arabic, to register with the local municipality and other government offices. Though the majority of the banks do carry out their procedures and paperwork in English.

However, when it comes to the concerned government offices and other local companies, most of the documents need to be translated into Arabic. In order to apply for a loan or any of the leasing agreements, again you have to deal with the local government offices, so that is where the legal translation in Al Barsha again jumps in.