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Videogames and Education: How Hacking Minecraft Can Help Teach Code

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coding summer camp

coding summer camp

By now, you have most likely heard of the video game and global phenomena, Minecraft. Since its release in 2009, the open world adventure game has developed a cult-like following, reaching roughly 998,000 current players across multiple platforms.

Playing off the game’s popularity and building on its simple structure, our Minecraft and LUA coding summer camp course seamlessly blends coding education into the adventure, making learning video game development as fun as playing the game itself!

coding summer camp
coding summer camp

The no-rules, open world format of the game not only allows a fun gaming experience, it facilitates creative problem solving as children work to find new and different ways to build and survive. With the Computer Craft mod in our Minecraf course, students will explore how to automate and build within the game. Students will learn to set up a modded server that teaches them the LUA programming language, exploring loops, conditional statements, and other written programming concepts. They will automate turtles (yep, turtles!) in their Minecraft world to craft, build, and even create cities, letting computer programming and automation do all the heavy lifting.

It just takes two minutes to fill out our Request More Information form. Upon completion, we will send you our Kids Coding Franchise Kit, and an Executive Director of Franchise Development will contact you to set up an introductory call.

It’s important to make sure when introducing a child to computer programming that it is done in a way that is also fun and entertaining. Our hope is that with a good first impression of coding, their interest will only blossom.

This spring, Launch is offering free, hour-long Hacking Minecraft classes for first-time coders. Perfect for kids ages 9 through 12, a free class is the perfect way to see your child would like to dive into a full video game design summer camp. Choose an available time below.