Divorce Settlement With A Narcissist

How To Negotiate A Divorce Settlement With A Narcissist

A family lawyer dealing with a Divorce Settlement With A Narcissist case is challenging and involves careful planning, constant communication, and the establishment of clear expectations and boundaries. 

It is normal to feel loss, disappointment, and overwhelming at the end of a serious romantic relationship. It is well-known that this is a life-altering event that can cause some people to slip into profound melancholy and anxiety, affecting their opportunity to function and raise their children. Negotiating a divorce settlement with a narcissist ex-partner can be challenging, and this article aims to enhance your knowledge of some of the challenges you may face. 

A family lawyer, mediator, or therapist may convince you that if you settle quickly and negotiate with your narcissistic ex, they will allow you to do the same, and you can move forward with your life. If you’re dealing with a sensible and fair ex-spouse, you may have an excellent chance to uplift yourself again and move forward. But unfortunately, this isn’t always the scenario when you’re trying to reach an agreement on divorce with a narcissistic partner.

Factors to keep in mind 

Marriage and negotiating a divorce settlement with a narcissist can be tempting to speed ahead. The narcissistic fiance may create “conflict” with you or make your life miserable, or they may even turn your relatives, kids, or coworkers against you. We know because people have seen and experienced all of your fears and concerns. 

Throughout most cases of negotiating a divorce settlement with a narcissist, it is believed that they are entitled to their feelings of superiority and privilege. They are cunning, waiting for you to make a mistake or show some inconsistencies. Narcissistic people will instantly call you out when they detect a sense of regret, doubt, or hesitation. The rational and reasonable person in you may understandably experience doubts, regrets, and perhaps a longing for reconciliation. Those who are narcissists don’t get it, and they’ll take full advantage of this to make you feel like a victim and feel like you’re not good enough.

People are often encouraged to follow the road of least resistance, which is merely “splitting the difference” and calling it a day. However, compromising or “standing half-way” is not the key to success since it does not fulfill your objectives, desires, or problems in the same way that finding a solution to the problem does.


Negotiating A Divorce Settlement With A Narcissist | Cominos Family Lawyers

Although this is a straightforward assertion, it is not always easy to put into practice. When negotiating a divorce settlement with a narcissist ex-partner, the temptation to engage in lengthy, drawn-out, emotionally charged emails, texts and emails, and sometimes even telephone is often present.

It is easy to understand why you have always talked in this manner within the context of your partnership; nevertheless, given that you are in the process of ending it, it is time to move on from these tired routines and try something new.