5 Challenges Faced by a Legal Translator Dubai

5 Challenges Faced by a Legal Translator Dubai

In a world where everything moves quickly, is imported and exported, it is increasingly necessary to translate information into several languages. Whether it is the instructions for the use of a product, product characteristics, legal texts or even marketing and communicating tools, working as a legal translator Dubai requires real versatile skills.

Long not sufficiently recognized and shunned by the rapidly growing online translators, professional translators are increasingly sought after because they exhibit obvious skills that translation software lacks. However, speaking several languages ​​perfectly, having a computer is not enough to excel in the field of translation.

To demystify the profession of translator and recognize quality work, it is essential to understand the challenges they face.

Some of The Major Challenges Faced by a Legal Translator Dubai

The translation? An intelligent mastery of languages!

In the context of globalization, professional translators face significant challenges and it is essential that they have specific skills in order to respond adequately. Indeed, it is easy to believe that translation is simply an action of replacing words in one language with their corresponding in another language. It is not that simple, however.

The translator’s challenge goes completely beyond word-for-word translation and involves an understanding of languages. A good translator must like to play with words, be passionate about different cultures, understand different types of audiences and adapt his translation to the readers while respecting the message to be translated.

For this, professional legal translator Dubai always translates from the foreign language into their native language, of which he or she perfectly masters the rules and vocabulary, etc.

The best translators define their work this way: with each new translation. It’s a new story to write. The tone, the readers, the particular field, all these factors must be taken into account to achieve a quality translation.

The key? Specialized translation of the legal translator Dubai

The translation of legal, scientific or literary texts requires different knowledge and an unparalleled mastery of the jargon of each discipline. Professional translators are in fact, often specialized in one or even two disciplines where they have significant additional knowledge that goes beyond knowledge only of the foreign language.

It is necessary to have certain skills in the field to be translated in order to first understand the essence of the message and then to transcribe it effectively to the target audience. For example, a legal text will be very difficult to translate, even for a good translator, with little knowledge of the legal environment.

The rules in the world of translation — specific training!

Knowing the language and then translating that is not enough! The profession of a translator requires not only an excellent mastery of languages, knowledge in specific fields, limitless curiosity but also mastery of the tricks of the trade!

The specific approach to translation, the methodology and its various approaches, the resolution of translation problems, etc., are all challenges that it is essential for a good translator to master. These skills must imperatively be supplemented by specific training. 

Thus, to adequately respond to these challenges, professional translators Dubai have received comprehensive training to also respond to these facets and make a significant difference in the market because the job of translator cannot be improvised!

Translation tools: an essential mastery!

Like a mechanic, a translator has different tools to do his job and must be able to master them effectively.

Today with the digitization of platforms, the translator must know how to work quickly and well with a computer, use support software, create effective documentation (specialized or not), properly use dictionaries, encyclopedias, grammar rules, etc. . It is quite a challenge, to be able to use the tools at the translator’s disposal wisely to continually enrich their work.

 The challenges from the human side!

Challenges Faced by a Legal Translator Dubai

As the profession of translator often involves working as a freelance, an important facet is the whole human side (customer service, quality, complaints, etc.). The logistics around the profession of a translator are just as important. Professional translators generally work in the liberal professions, responding to assignments or short contracts. 

While it is possible to find salaried jobs, they are still scarce. It is, in fact, essential for translators to create their market and organize their work. Generally, self-employed translators face challenges in the organization and development of their business.

A good translator must therefore be able to manage his time, manage the administration and logistics of his contracts. It is essential that he is able to anticipate problems in order to face them and to bring the expected results.

All these above-mentioned challenges are what differentiate a legal translator from a layman and give them so much importance in society. In bilingual countries like Dubai, every person needs to hire a legal translator every now and then to get their documents translated from one language to another.

Even if you are skilled in both languages, you can never translate your legal documents without professional help because of the great scrutiny level required at the end. 

Legal translations are matters of the government, which is why they need to be nothing less than perfect. You should never even try to save your money in this matter and do it yourself. Spending your money on a good legal translator will be well worth it. They will not only produce excellent quality translations for you but also save a lot of your precious time as well as theirs as they have much more command in the field than any other person.


In other words, to practice the profession of legal translator Dubai and face the many challenges of this profession, adaptation, intellectual curiosity, perseverance, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis and creativity are all essentials.

The translation is not just a transcription of words; it is a real reconstruction while respecting the language, the message and the audience reached. It is also recommended to use a translation firm specializing in commercial, legal, technical translation, etc., to respond adequately to work that claims professional quality.